Lighthouse 't Lage Licht

History lighthouse

The first stone of the iron tower was laid in 1874. One year later the lighthouse was in operation. This special tower has several names: Noorderhoofd (named after the point where the lighthouse is located), 'het iezderen torentje' (in the dialect of Westkapelle) and 't Lage Licht'. The last name is used by shipping and is directly related to the other lighthouse 't Hoge Licht. Together, these two lighthouses form the landmark for ships at sea: there's Westkapelle. The tower is 16 meters high and has 4 floors. The lighthouse is still in use but has since 2017 a new function added: lighthouse museum

Museum in the Lighthouse

In the lighthouse 't Lage Licht you can regularly see an exhibition about strandings or about nature in the surroundings of Westkapelle. Visit the lighthouse, go outside and feel the sea breeze on your cheeks!