Visiting the Polderhuis Museum with children is a fun thing to do. There are lots of activities and many things to discover. We have developed a very interesting exploration game with listening, looking, doing and thinking tasks. Can you find all the answers?

Exploration games/quests

We have various exploration games, adapted to different ages, from very easy to a little more challenging. The quests can be carried out by families or by groups of children under the guidance of their attendants.

The Museum Picture Puzzle or the Family Exploration Game are suitable for children up to 7 years of age. These quests are free of charge in combination with a visit to the Museum, and are being carried out under the surveillance of the parents or the attendants.

Children in the age of 7 or 8 can carry out the Museum Picture Puzzle on their own. We also have two Museum Quests for children of 8+ and 10+ of age. Both quests are free of charge in combination with an entrance ticket to the Museum.

Still not tired? Then try out the Outdoor Quest through the village and along the dike of Westkapelle. Suitable for children of 8 years and over. Price € 1,50.
The Lighthouse has a quest of its own. It is suited for children from 8 years up and is free of charge in combination with a visit to the Lighthouse.

Children from 12 years or more can conduct a free Museum Quest on a tablet (bring your own!).

Lecture or essay?

If you are looking for an interesting and informative subject for your lecture or essay for school, the Polderhuis Museum can help you out with information and documentation. Mail us through the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible.