Bike and Hike trails

Walcheren is the perfect place to discover by bicycle or by foot. Many different biking and hiking trails have been designed, to take you to the most picturesque spots of the island. Along the beaches and the dunes, or through the low-lying lands and polders, the choice is yours!

Walking Trails

The Memoria Walcheren Westkapelle 1944-1945 trail (pdf, 526 kB, in Dutch) starts from the Polderhuis Museum. This is a 3,5 km trail through the village of Westkapelle, leading along the many monuments and telling the story of the village during the last years of the Second World War.

Or take a stroll along the dike (4 km) (pdf, 636 kB, in Dutch) and enjoy the view on the sea and the village.

If you are into a somewhat longer walk, take the Inundation Trail (pdf, 604 kB, in Dutch), which runs along the coastal line from Vlissingen to Westkapelle (about 15 km). This is a trail full of history, telling the story of the most turbulent years of the last century: 1940-1945 while passing a number of monuments related to that period.

QR codes along the "pearls" of Walcheren

In the Polderhuis Museum you can pick up a flyer with some beautiful walking trails along Walcheren's natural and historical pearls as there are the Nollebos and Nolledijk, the Westkapelle Creek, Fort Rammekens and the creeks of Veere. En route check out the QR code signs with your smart phone or tablet to learn more about the surroundings or to download a trail map. The QR codes are linked to the Polderhuis website.

Organised walking trips

In cooperation with De Vrolijke Tippelaars, a walking club from Vlissingen, the Polderhuis Museum regularly organises walking trips with various distances. Check the program.

Biking Trails

The Polderhuis Museum Shop sells biking maps of the region, called Fietsknooppuntenkaart (bike junction map). These are specially designed maps of carefully selected safe and attractive bicycle paths. Where paths connect, numbered junction signs are placed which can be found on the map. This way you can determine the length and duration of your bike trail.